Vision & Mission

Putting People First

Vision & Mission

Life should be enjoyed at every age and stage. We deserve to keep learning and expanding our minds, to experience relaxation and physical comfort, to experience well-being of body, mind, and spirit, and to have purpose and meaning every day.

 This philosophy informs everything A&A Senior Living Management does. A&A is dedicated to putting people first by creating communities that feel like home, but even better. We pride ourselves on developing relationships in a caring, compassionate atmosphere where all residents feel valued.

We believe that assisted living, memory care, and mental health care facilities should truly feel like home and offer tailored experiences to suit each resident. When new members join an A&A community, their daily living preferences are discussed and catalogued so that they can easily adjust to their new environment and staff know how to best care for them.

People like to know that their lives have been, and continue to be, meaningful. New residents are invited to tell their life story through a comprehensive, Quality of Life Intake. Family members often participate in this special interview process. With the assistance of staff and volunteers, residents can also share their life stories in reminiscence groups and integrated arts activities. A&A’s staff and executives believe that sharing life stories combats isolation, encourages new friendships, and develops a deep sense of community within each of its residences.

A&A not only brings people together within each community, but also connects residents with local social and special interest groups through a variety of events and excursions. In addition, members are connected to the global community through libraries, armchair travel, and distance communication — all from the comfort of their living room.

A&A management listens carefully to community members to meet their needs and desires. In turn, community members share their wisdom, adapting to change and settling into routines, such as morning and/or afternoon exercise, their choice of spiritual practices, healthy snacking, communal meal times, welcoming visitors, and engaging with new friends.

Through its thoughtful programming and tailored care, A&A staff is dedicated to helping seniors thrive in a compassionate environment that supports an active, engaged lifestyle for all residents.

Putting People First, together.